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Motor Vehicle & Heavy Equipment

Shipping and clearing of vehicles and heavy equipment in St Lucia

Partnering with Hoegh Autoliners has increased our international reach and has now provided our customers with a superior choice regarding the shipping and customs clearing of vehicles and heavy equipment in St Lucia.

Key considerations when shipping and clearing motor vehicles and heavy equipment in St. Lucia:

• Ensure you obtain reliable shipping costs estimates
• Hire a reputable broker who is knowledgeable and can accurately assess all duties and taxes
• Ensure that the appropriate insurance in obtained
• Ensure that all supporting documentation is obtained and complete
• Ensure bank financing is complete to support payments where applicable

When working with SSSL you don’t have to worry about any of the above points. We will do the “heavy lifting for you” We are experienced and eager to facilitate the shipping and clearing of your vehicle or heavy equipment into St Lucia.

We can assist with the shipping and clearing of your heavy equipment into St Lucia including but not limited to:

• Boats
• Trailers
• Tractors
• Excavators
• Ship spares
• Vehicle spare parts
• Tankers
• Cranes
• Engines
• Pipes
• Pumps
• Drilling equipment

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