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Custom Brokerage

Custom Brokerage

Custom Brokerage Service

When importing goods, there are mandated customs procedures that have to be adhered to, as all shipments must clear customs. If the customer does not have an in-house broker, Superior Shipping Services Ltd. can clear the shipments through its custom brokerage service and ensure that the cargo is delivered to their door.

In order for clearance, the following documentation is required:

  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Commercial Invoice with description and value of the goods
  • Additional documentation may be required depending on the commodity, value and origin


Superior Shipping Services Ltd. understands that this process can be tedious and as a result, will make available necessary consultation on your behalf.  We have vast knowledge of regional and international customs and packing procedures to make sure your cargo is properly shipped to your destination with appropriate shipping requirements to protect your goods.

Our network of highly skilled agents possesses thorough knowledge of customs tariff and regulations and will undertake the preparation/processing/completion of cargo clearance documentation within minutes, affording speedy delivery to customers.  When it comes to the best custom clearance company, Superior Shipping Services Ltd. is best to take care of its customers in it.


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