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Free Zone Bonded

Free Zone Bonded

At Superior Shipping Services Limited, Shipping is at its best. We also offer our customers Free Zone Bonded Shipping Service to ensure uninterrupted shipment services from foreign countries. The Free Trade Zones comes into the picture when restrictions are imposed on importing goods in foreign countries. No matter, if you are dealing in industries like FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable, Cross Trade, Automotive, as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Logistics, Construction, Steel, Machinery, or any other as we guarantee you with smooth importing service of goods.

We ensure that your goods will be handled, warehoused, reconfigured and re-exported smoothly without any involvement of customs, export subsidies, import quotas, and protective tariffs. Rest assured, we will make International Trade for your business super easy!

Reasons to Choose Us

  • To simplify International Trade
  • Relief from Inverted Tariffs
  • Reduction from Custom Duties & Taxes
  • Elimination of Monopolies
  • Superior and Timely Services

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Our multiple projects have made Superior Shipping Services Ltd. A brand in Oceanic Transportaion task. We are committed to deliver on-time and efficient shipment services to our trustworthy and reputed clients.

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