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Popular Routes

Shipping from Miami to St Lucia

Miami is an international gateway to the Americas. Shipping goods from Miami to St Lucia or St Lucia to Miami is a breeze when dealing with Super Shipping Services Limited. Miami is the ideal transshipment shipment point for drop shipping and freight forwarding services. Shipping good and commodities from Miami to St Lucia and vice versa by sea may take on average one week. Barrels shipped from the United States to loved ones in the island would usually go through port Miami with onward shipping to St Lucia.

Shipping from Trinidad to St Lucia
Trinidad is considered the manufacturing capital of the Caribbean. St Lucian households consumes a variety of their products on a daily basis. SSSL has formed strategic alliances with Trinidadian based shippers to offer shipping and clearing services from Trinidad to St Lucia.

Car parts are in abundant supply in Trinidad & Tobago. St Lucian consumers can take advantage of our competitive rates for shipping from Trinidad to St Lucia when considering purchasing car parts from popular locations such as Bamboo in Trinidad.