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Port Castries

Port Castries

The Port Castries is considered a chief port for Cruise Ships calling to St. Lucia. On an estimate, more than 400 cruise ship vessels are called to Port Castries every season. The season primarily commences from October to April. Two birthing terminals are associated with the port.

Pointe Seraphine Duty-Free Terminal
Pointe Seraphine is within convenient walking distance (approx 500 meters or 1/3 mile) of the town Centre. The entrance is surrounded by duty-free shops having basic amenities along with a licensed taxi stand as well.

PS#1: 400ft long (121.92m); Depth 36ft (10.97m). Suitable for vessels of length 850 – 1000ft (259.08m – 304.8m).

PS#2: 300ft long (91.44m); Depth 34ft (10.36m). Suitable for ships of length 750 – 850ft (228.6m – 259.08m).

La Place Carenage Duty-Free Terminal

La Place Carenage Duty-Free Terminal

This duty-free terminal is located in the center of the town. It is officially named Queen Elizabeth II Wharf, also referred to as Port Castries or Northern Wharf. The port entrance is surrounded by duty-free shops having basic amenities and a licensed taxi stand as well.

Berth #1: 200ft long (60.96m); Depth 18-20ft (5.48m – 6.09m).
Berths #2 & #3:720ft long (219.45m) (continuous); Depth 27ft (8.23m).
Berth #4: 498ft long (151.79m); Depth 32ft (9.75m).
Berth #5: 520ft long (158.49m); Depth 32ft (9.75m).
Berth #6: 448ft long (136.55m); Depth 30ft (9.14m).

Vieux Fort Dock

Vieux Fort Dock

Vieux Fort Dock is located at the Southern tip of t. Lucia, which takes around 75minutes to drive from Port Castries. This location is solely dedicated to cargo port and transshipment port.

Berth #1: Finger Pier 500 ft (163m) long and 50 ft (15m) wide. Vessels can be integrated on either side. The height of Quay from water level at low tide is 7.5 ft (2.3m) and at high tide, 6.5 ft (2m). Water depth alongside is 35 ft (2m).

Berth #2: A Lolo container berth (exclusive of Roro ramp), 690 ft (210 m) in length. The height of Quay from water level at low tide is 8 ft (2.5 m) and high tide, 7ft (2m). Water depth alongside is 35 ft (2m).

Other Ports Of Entry

Rodney Bay Marina: Situated in the North of Castries, it is considered an ideal yachting destination for normal-sized yachts and mega yachts. There is ample space for accommodating 232 slips and a 4.5-acre boatyard, along with mega yachts with up to 200 feet with drafts of up to 14 feet.

Marigot Bay Marina: It is a dedicated port destination for yachts. Located nearest to the South of Castries on the West Coast. Vessels are accommodated at anchorage.

Soufriere: Perfect destination area for yachts and vessels at anchorage. It is situated on the Southwest Coast of St. Lucia. For further information regarding diving and diving guides.


When calling to St. Lucia on a cruise ship, visas are not needed for transit passengers and crew members (of all nationalities).

If the passengers and crew members arrive at St.Lucia via any other transportation mode other than by cruise ship, then visas are necessary.

Visa can be easily obtained by the majority of the nationalities on arrival at the airport. Most of the nationalities do not even require a visa. However, there is a certain group of nationalities who get a visa well in advance.


Two prominent airports surround St. Lucia. There is a regional airport at Vigie, George FL Charle airport code SLU for regional flights. There is a ten minutes drive from slot seabank George FL Charles airport to the port.

The Hewanorra airport (airport code UVF) is another airport which even accommodates international flights. There is a 75-minute drive from this airport to Port Castries. There is a two-hour advance check-in for airlines.


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